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  • Added press module with releases, asses, medias, newsletter, blog and contact.
  • Added the possiblity to add apis to a team.
  • Added second functional version of stats.
  • Changed the query to obtain team permissions.
  • Minor styling and logic global fixes.


  • Added admin toggle to entities to allow the creation of accesses, clients and suppliers.
  • Added link button on accesses, clients and suppliers toggles, to link the resource at the current group level.


  • Added columns to IAM members user table
  • “WHOLESALER” seller added to filter list of partners
  • Added option to assign roles through templates of macro roles to IAM members


  • Improvements on the organization selector
    • Sorted organizations in alphabetical order.
    • Autoselect when there is just one org. available.
    • Popup when there is no org. selected.
    • Prettier component.
  • Iam members
    • Label, created at and updated at columns on members table.
    • Option to assign roles by macro-roles
  • Seller “WHOLESALER” to the partners filter on the directory and partners screen.
  • New admin permissions

  • Groups function filters