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To make it easier for users and contributors to see precisely what notable changes have been made on TravelgateX.


  • ACCESES: Added shared field and allowed url edition in acceses.
  • MENU: new horizontal menu.
  • CONNECT: Modified to choose client before hotelx.
  • PUBLIC WEB: changed info searches/day in home.
  • PROFILES: tag error on removing category fixed.
  • PRESS: Fixed media processing.


  • ALERTS: Added new filters and group by
  • ALERTS: Add API and timesToRecovery
  • ALERTS: Added new responsive styles
  • ALERTS: fix on Status
  • ALERTS: fix on Update Price


  • Connect: Added VCC to legacy
  • Profiles: Enabled entity asignment to profiles
  • IAM: Added pagination and info to orgs, and profiles page completed
  • Added gzip compression to calls to the gateway
  • Alerts: Fixed issue on create new alert
  • Connect: Fixed dates activations


  • ENTITIES: Modified access form to custom require runtime configuration
  • IAM: Changes on new macro roles
  • ORGANIZATIONS: Changed filters to not appear on the request on missing
  • MEMBERS: Solved an error realated on updating api-keys after a new creation


  • IAM: Added owner filter to entities/admin-entities. added new tab for…
  • Logging: Added hotel reference
  • Members: IAM-macro-roles, added tabs for simple and advanced
  • Alerts: entities by buyer or seller
  • Logging: References now allows more than one option
  • Logging: Fixed logging with filter if your not logged on the page


  • Logging: Added new feature to set filters via url
  • Alerts: added logic time alerts
  • Connect: modified profile cals and addded premium partner option to connect
  • Accesses: improved refresh logic when updating accesses
  • IAM Entities: Improved sorting in entities
  • B2B: Fixed required typename on apis


  • Alerts: Added sort to table
  • Stats: traffic type selector
  • Logging: Added column machine to results
  • Logging: Selector items per page
  • Error Messages: added hint description to error code table
  • Changed format of api-errors
  • Logging: Fixed error descriptions
  • Profiles: fixed bug that prevented refresh on edit
  • Logging: Added label when reference filters are disabled


  • Alerts: added configuration multiselectors
  • Profiles: Fully enabled filter profiles
  • Logging: Added new filter number of results
  • Entities: Added sorting method
  • Profiles: Updated query to look for stats and formated text in profiles
  • Logging: Filter errors refactored
  • Logging: Added red control to non filled required filters
  • Logging: Changed time to 24h mode, without am/pm
  • Logging: Logging table wasn’t showing the timestamps on firefox, now is fixed
  • Logging: Enable showing organisation suppliers on SELLER mode
  • Logging: Hide the table on no results


  • Logging-filter: Implemented ShowOnlyActives filter, added pagination to the results table
  • Added Star-rating component at pages and changed text in people
  • Created internal status page
  • Alerts released on web
  • Logging-filter: Reorder filter columns, reorder table columns
  • Changed the global header, alerts and organization selector.
  • Fix on Stats Calendar

To make it easier for users and contributors to see precisely what notable changes have been made on the web.

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  • TEAMs: Improved TEAMs page to allow see teams to all TGX operators
  • Stats: Now shows totals and percentatge on all headers
  • IAM Members: Added icon type members to be more clean
  • IAM Members: Improvement to keep groups open at IAM page
  • Profiles: Revised redirections to all profile pages
  • IAM Members: fixed creation of new members solving issue on granting permissions
  • IAM create organization: New organizations, pattern code has been changed to allow numbers on organization code
  • Stats: stats view all adviseMessages and only reject if error


  • IAM admin entities: UX improve, now expanded by default
  • IAM admin entities: The accesses list weren’t showing the supplier data asociated
  • Stats: stats view all adviseMessages and only reject if error


  • IAM members: added macro-roles for distribution
  • IAM members: added macro-roles for alerts and agrupations
  • IAM: added “suit organization” option to adapt organizations to IAM tree structure.
  • IAM: removed mandatory condition to label
  • Stats: moved assets to other


  • Insights: New public page published
  • Organizations: organizations’ summary page
  • Stats: view error others
  • Stats: UX improvement on cursor to download
  • HotelX: Fixed issue that prevented configs from refreshing when changing hotelX instances
  • Stats: Issue on filter stats when impersonating


  • IAM: Revised edit labels.
  • IAM: Edit functionality for group labels.
  • Vertical Menu: Improved style.
  • Members: Solved issue on getting members.


  • Members: Some members were not showing the tick on isActive when they were active.
  • Events: Invert past events to be first the most recent
  • Connect: Fixed bug on clicking reload on firefox


  • Email: Implemented new mailing system to send emails from the web.
  • Connect: Improved control over disabled controls and added flexibility to dates.


  • IAM: Added option to clone members permissions to other users
  • Public page: Shuffle profiles on home
  • Stats: responsive media-querys applied
  • Connect: Added access code and client name to activations
  • Connect: updated activations list and added istest to accesses
  • Hotelx: Allowed empty fields in hotelx
  • IAM-teams: Fixed a bug that didn’t allow to create teams


  • Stats: Column sorting
  • Stats: filter suppliers by clients on filter Buyer
  • HotelX: Added hotelx default settings screen
  • Backend: Added settings submenu
  • Backend: Profile list by organization
  • Organizations: Added edit organization page
  • IAM: Added option to clone members
  • Entities: Added owner to form in entities/suppliers
  • Public web: Added “Why partner with us” page
  • Connect: added drag and drop XML functionality
  • Stats: Changed Filters
  • Stats: Circular mock-up of global stats
  • Stats: Ratios calculations revised
  • Stats: Change calendar component to allow manual settings
  • Backend nav-bar: Updated menú items reordered on all pages
  • IAM-organizations: Solved a bug produced when trying to add/removes apis to/from a group
  • IAM-members: Solved bug with member deletion


  • Hotel-b2b: Added close-booking and my-bookings logic
  • Hotel-b2b: Added items to menu
  • Hotel-b2b: Price comparator
  • Added provisional “test” button to new connect functionality
  • Activations: added supplier column
  • Connect: Added channelx option to forms
  • Old connect: Added fields to legacy form
  • Stats: Other requests added
  • Stats: Separate filter Buyer
  • Stats: add organizacitons and owners on filter by seller
  • IAM-organizations: Solved a bug produced when trying to add/removes apis to/from a group


  • added status cards to stats
  • Profiles edition
  • IAM: revoque/grant apis to a group
  • B2B result page changes
  • Home footer: changed blog URL
  • Activations page modified style
  • Solved an error not showing an error on create a duplicate member


  • New application HotelX: B2B
  • Improved first login email validation
  • Renamed product payment as HotelPay-X
  • Stats: revised date filter dropdown
  • Changed token treatment (accept very long tokens)
  • Profile section fetches groups to assign roles
  • Improved first login wizard UX


  • Added pagination on IAM
  • Added first login wizard
  • Button remove organization


  • Connect: added selector to specify client
  • HotelX: fixed issue with empty fields
  • Removed old create access function


  • HotelX configuration: Added access code to configuration form
  • Backend: Vertical menú updated and reordered
  • New register page and welcome page
  • Error handling moddified (changed error for adviseMessage in GraphQL Schema)


  • New static page on public web: Testimonials.
  • Backend: Added impersonation functionality
  • IAM: Added impersonation functionality to users list
  • Added recaptcha validation on contact and register page
  • Solved a bug where the org-selector was not appearing in some situations


  • New static pages on public web (People and Company)
  • Backend Menú: icons revised


  • User registration functionality
  • Connect: Added suppliers to connect form legacy
  • Payment: Added an alert to see the code of the saved card after saving it
  • Payment: Search by name and surname
  • Profiles directory: Tags clickable and able to update filters
  • Entites: Changed link client to add client


  • Admin-Entities: added unlink group from access
  • Admin-Entities: added edit suppliers
  • List with selected orgnization added to stats on header
  • Partners directory: fixed filtering
  • Stats filtering reviewed


  • General backend: Left accordion menu applied.
  • Stats results style changed.
  • Stats sellers tab style changed.
  • Stats calculations reviewed and fixed.
  • Seller tab reviewed and fixed.


  • Back end menu: Added connect.
  • Back end menu: Added admin-entities.
  • General Back end: Pagination improved.
  • Changed Stats filters.
  • Search profile: Added search inputs.
  • Load stats problem solved.
  • IAM: fixed a bug with the update of the permissions on a member.


  • Added Hotel-X configuration page to the web.
  • Added Mastercard to Payment-X
  • Members: fixed a bug with the update of the permissions on a member.


  • Added press module with releases, asses, medias, newsletter, blog and contact.
  • Added the possiblity to add apis to a team.
  • Added second functional version of stats.
  • Changed the query to obtain team permissions.
  • Minor styling and logic global fixes.


  • Added admin toggle to entities to allow the creation of accesses, clients and suppliers.
  • Added link button on accesses, clients and suppliers toggles, to link the resource at the current group level.


  • Added columns to IAM members user table
  • “WHOLESALER” seller added to filter list of partners
  • Added option to assign roles through templates of macro roles to IAM members


  • Improvements on the organization selector
    • Sorted organizations in alphabetical order.
    • Autoselect when there is just one org. available.
    • Popup when there is no org. selected.
    • Prettier component.
  • Iam members
    • Label, created at and updated at columns on members table.
    • Option to assign roles by macro-roles
  • Seller “WHOLESALER” to the partners filter on the directory and partners screen.
  • New admin permissions

  • Groups function filters