Common Elements


In every petition there some nodes which will always appear, there for this chapter is dedicated for said nodes.

Request Format

The common elements in all of the petitions are: source of the petition, Timeout, the indication if you wish to register the transactions and the provider configuration.

Response Format

The response will contain the indication if the function is implemented or not, application errors, if any, the providers traces if requested and the response status.

Common Elements RQ Example

       <Configuration codigoProveedor="xx">
          <Credenciales User="xx " Password="xx">
             <UrlsEspecificas />

Common Elements RQ Description

Element Number Type Description
TransportationBaseRQ 1 Root node.
timeoutMillisencods 1 Integer Timeout in milliseconds that the client will be waiting for the response.
source 1 Information about source requesting the operation.
source/agencyCode 0..1 String Agency code that requests the operation.
source/languageCode 1 String Language code (ISO 3166-1 alpha-2) format lowercase.
filterAuditData 1 Enables or disables information returned in audit data.
filterAuditData/registerTransactions 1 Boolean Returns all the transactions (XMLs) exchanged with the provider.
Configuration 1 Information about source requesting the operation.
Configuration/User 0..1 String User code for connection.
Configuration/Password 0..1 String Password for the connection.
Configuration/UrlGeneric 0..1 String Url generic connection.
Configuration/UrlAvail 0..1 String Url for Avail method.
Configuration/UrlValuation 0..1 String Url for Valuation method.
Configuration/UrlReservation 0..1 String Url for Reservation method.
Configuration/Parameters 0..1 Parameters for additional information.
Configuration/Parameters/Parameter 0..n List of parameter.
@key 1 String Contains the keyword/Id to identify a parameter.
@value 1 String Contains the value of the parameter.
ClientConfiguration 1 Client’s configuration.
@agency 1 String Agency name.
@mark 1 String Mark.
@businessLine 1 String Business line.
@accessLevel 1 String Access level.
@mean 1 String Mean.
@accessType 1 String Access type: WEB (Web) and WS (WebService).
@currencyCode 1 String Currency code.

Common Elements RS Example

                <RQ />
                <RS />
       <EstadoRespuesta tripType = "IDA" petitionType = "OW" status = "ok"/>

Common Elements RS Description

Element Number Type Description
TransportationBaseRS 1 Root node.
OperationImplemented 1 Boolean If the operation is implemented by this provider or not.
applicationErrors 0..n Application errors reported by provider.
applicationErrors/type 1 String Error Type as specified by XML Travelgate.
applicationErrors/code 1 String Native error code reported by provider.
applicationErrors/description 1 String Error description.
auditData 1 Information about processing that transaction.
auditData/transactions 0..n List of transactions communicated with provider.
auditData/transactions/timeStamp 1 Integer TimeStamp in which has been generated that transaction.
auditData/transactions/RQ 1 String Transaction Request.
auditData/transactions/RS 1 String Transaction Response.
auditData/timeStamp 1 Integer timeStamp in which response has been generated.
auditData/processTimeMilliseconds 1 Integer Time in milliseconds consumed by this method.
EstadoRespuesta 1 Status of the ticket.
@tripType 1 String Journey type.
@petitionType 1 String Petition type: OW or RT.
@status 1 String Status.