Runtime Configuration Call

Method Goals This method returns a list of Attributes that should be included in each request for the selected provider.

Request Format The request only requires the provider code.

Response Format The response contains a list of Attributes.

RunTimeConfigurationRQ_ Example



Element Number Type Description
RunTimeConfigurationRQ 1 Root node.

RunTimeConfigurationRS Example

        <Credentials user = " " password = " ">
            <UrlTransactionReport xsi:nil = "true" />
            <Attribute key = " " value = " " />
            <Attribute key = " " value = " " />


Element Number Type Description
RunTimeConfigurationRS 1 Root node.
ConfigurationProvider 1 Information about source requesting the operation.
ConfigurationProvider/Credentials 1 Provider credentials.
@User 0..1 String User code for connection.
@Password 0..1 String Password for connection.
ConfigurationProvider/Credentials/UrlGeneric 0..1 String Url generic for connection.
ConfigurationProvider/Credentials/UrlTransactionReport 0..1 String Url for Daily and Monthly Transactions methods.
ConfigurationProvider/Attributes 0..1 Parameters for additional information.
Attributes/Attribute 1..n List of Attribute.
@key 1 String Contains the keyword/Id to identify a parameter.
@value 1 String Contains the value of the parameter