Process Notification Call

Method Goals This method aims to process the notification from a payment that has been created.

Request Format The ProcessNotification request requires a HTTPResponse object.

Response Format The response contains information about the notification that has been confirmed.

ProcessNotificationRQ Example

        <Status>HTTP/1.1 200 OK</Status>


Element Number Type Description
ProcessNotificationRQ 1 Root node.
HTTPResponse 1 Contains information of the notification sent by the provider.
HTTPResponse/Status 1 String Status of the notification sent by the provider.
HTTPResponse/Url 1 String Url of the notification sent by the provider.
HTTPResponse/Headers 1 String Headers of the notification sent by the provider.
HTTPResponse/Body 1 String Body of the notification sent by the provider.
HTTPResponse/Seed 0..1 String Seed to check providers authentication. Only if provider allows it, check StaticConfiguration.

ProcessNotificationRS Example

    <Notification Id = "" Type = "" TypeInformation = "" CreationDate="">
        <Transaction Id = "99999-53245-5483-4891" IdType = "Expirable" ExpiryDate = "2013-12-20T10:48:52.00000Z" Status = "Pending" PendingReason = "PendingCapture" StatusDescription = "credited">
            <CurrencyAmount CurrencyCode = "EUR" Amount = "2.20" />
            <SenderDetails Id = " ">
                    <Holder>Max Mustermann</Holder>
                    <BankAccount Number = " " SecurityCode = " " />
                <Fee Id = " ">
                    <CurrencyAmount CurrencyCode = "EUR" Amount = "0.00" />
                <Fee />
                <Reason Id = " "></Reason>
                <Reason Id = " "></Reason>
        <HTTPACK Mandatory = "true">
                    <Headers>Content-Type: application/json; charset=utf-8&amp;Expect: 100-continue&amp;Accept-Encoding: gzip&amp;Connection: Close</Headers>
                    <Body>{"result": {"data": {"status": "OK" }, "method": "pending", "signature": "QAEBk53nnp9...92oyR9fQpoIMGqHg==", "uuid": "1772f7f5-9f19-4e79-90bd-551d28bed6db" }, "version": "1.1"}</Body>


Element Number Type Description
ProcessNotificationRS 1 Root node.
Notification 1 Contains information about the payment notification.
@Id 0..1 String Notification identifier.
@Type 0..1 String Notification Type (possible values: “Pending”, “Refund”, “Received” or “Cancel”).
@TypeInformation 0..1 String Additional information of the notification type.
@CreationDate 0..1 Date Notification creation date.
Notification/AuthenticationStatus 1 String Informs of the authentication of the notification (possibles values: “Success” or “Fail”).
Notification/Transaction 0..1 Contains information about the payment transaction.
@Id 0..1 Transaction identifier.
@IdType 1 String Transaction Id type (possible values: “Expirable” or “Final”). If “Final”, the transaction id will not change. If “Expirable”, the transaction id returned is only valid until the ExpiryDate and the final id will be returned in other calls like CapturePayment.
@ExpiryDate 0..1 DateTime Transaction id expiration date. Only returned if IdType = Expirable.
@Status 0..1 String Transaction status (possible value: “Pending”, “Refunded”, “Received”, “Cancel” or “Unknown”).
@PendingReason 0..1 String If the transaction status is Pending, informs the reason of this status (possible values: “PendingCredit”, “PendingCapture”, “PendingVerification” or “Unknown”).
@StatusDescription 0..1 String Additional information about the transaction status.
Transaction 0..1 Information about the payment transaction.
Transaction/MerchantReference 1 String Payment reference in the merchants system.
Transaction/TransactionDate 0..1 DateTime Transaction date.
Transaction/CurrencyAmount 0..1 CurrencyAmount Contains the currency and the amount of the transaction. See common elements
Transaction/AuthorizationCode 0..1 String Contains the Authorization Code of the transaction.
Transaction/SenderDetails 0..1 SenderDetails Contains information about the payment sender. See common elements.
Transaction/Fees 0..1 Fees Contains information about the transaction fees. See common elements
Transaction/Reasons 0..1 Reasons Reasons of the payment. This reasons are add to the transaction information if the provider admits it. See common elements
Notification/HTTPACK 1 Redirects Contains information about the notification ACK. See common elements
@Mandatory 1 Boolean Informs if the notification sent by the provider requires an ACK response. If true, respond to the providers notification with information in the HTTPRequest object.