Common structure on all calls

The following structure will be common through all transactions. Additionally every operation will have it’s specific elements.

The request objects contains the supplier’s configuration, urls and credentials. The response object contains the operation details and errors if any.

Common Structure RQ Example

    <Configuration codeProvider = "SFT">
        <Credentials user = "test53245" password = "pn_test_1">
            <Attribute key = " " value = " "/>
            <Url Type="Success" Label="myLabel"></Url>

Common Structure RQ Description

Element Number Type Description
MethodRQ 1 Root node. It’s tag won’t be MethodRQ but the actual method rq root node name. CreatePaymentRQ, CapturePaymentRQ, …
timeoutMillisencods 1 Integer Timeout in milliseconds that client will be waiting the response.
source 1 Information about source requesting the operation.
source/languageCode 1 String Language code (ISO 3166-1 alpha-2) format.
source/agencyCode 1 String Client’s agency code
filterAuditData 1 Information about enable or disable information returned in audit data.
filterAuditData/registerTransactions 1 Boolean If true, registers the transactions with provider.
Configuration 1 Information about source requesting the operation.
@codeProvider 1 String Agency code of the Provider.
Configuration/Credentials 1 Provider credentials.
@User 0..1 String User code for connection.
@Password 0..1 String Password for connection.
Configuration/Credentials/UrlGeneric 0..1 String Url generic for connection.
Configuration/Credentials/UrlTransactionReport 0..1 String Url for connection to provider reports
Configuration/Attributes 0..1 Parameters for additional information.
Configuration/Attributes/Attribute 1..n List of Attributes.
@key 1 String Contains the keyword/Id to identify a parameter.
@value 1 String Contains the value of the parameter
@mandatory 0..1 boolean Indicates if the attribute is mandatory in all calls or not
BaseCallBacks 1 Contains information about the payment redirection of the client from the providers web page.
BaseCallBacks/Urls 1 [List of Url] Contains information about urls to redirect the client from the providers web page.
BaseCallBacks/Urls/Url 1..n String Contains information of where the provider will redirect the client of the payment goes good or wrong.
@Type 1 String Type of the Url (possible values: “Success”, “Fail” or “Notification”).
@Status 0..1 String If the Url type is Notification, you can define what type of notification you what to receive in this Url. Only if provider allows it, check StaticConfiguration. (possible values: “Received”, “Denied”, “Refunded” or “Pending”).

Common Structure RS Example

        <Warning Code="123">Warning Description</Warning>
        <Error Code = "101" ShortText = "3">Unable to make a reservation</Error>
                <RQ />
                <RS />

Common Structure RS Description

Element Number Type Description
MethodRS 1 Root node. It’s tag won’t be MethosRS but the actual method rs root node name. CreatePaymentRS, CapturePaymentRS, …
OperationImplemented 1 Boolean If the operation is implemented by this provider or not.
Success 1 String Indicates the result of the action.
Warnings 0..1 List of warnings reported by provider.
Warnings/Warning 1..n String Warning description
@Code 1 String Typified warning of TravelgateX.
Errors 0..1 List of errors reported by provider.
Errors/Error 1..n String Error description
@Code 1 String Typified error of TravelgateX.
@ShortText 1 String Native error code reported by provider.
auditData 1 Information about processing that transaction.
auditData/transactions 0..1 List of transactions communicated with provider.
auditData/transactions/transaction 1..n Transaction communicated with provider.
auditData/transactions/transaction/timeStamp 1 Integer TimeStamp in which has been generated that transaction.
auditData/transactions/transaction/RQ 1 String Transaction Request.
auditData/transactions/transaction/RS 1 String Transaction Response.
auditData/timeStamp 1 Integer TimeStamp which response has been generated.
auditData/processTimeMilliseconds 1 Integer Time in milliseconds consumed by this method.