Getting Started with XML Travelgate -Legacy-

Getting Started with XML Travelgate

Thank you for your interest in joining our fast growing network of partners. This guide is intended to introduce you to the process of integrating with our API. We’ll work with you to make sure the integration goes as smoothly as possible so don’t hesitate in asking questions as we’ve been through this many times before. We are always looking to improve and your questions will definitely help us do just that!

Our Flow


Welcome Pack

Your tech team will receive an email from us with credentials created specifically for your company. These include:

  • Access to our Hub
  • Access to our Back Office
  • Access & configuration to test suppliers
  • A PDF guide to our Back Office tools

The very thorough XML Travelgate API Documentation is available to guide you along. To access it, please click on the link below:

API Documentation

This documentation is actively being developed and expanded, so check back often!


Click here for our regularly updated list of Partners.

Once you have decided which partners you want to connect to, you need to get in touch with them to arrange a commercial contract. The next step is to let us know who they are and which order you want to implement them in. Once they give you credentials to access their system, you hand those over to us so we can begin the development. At this stage, we’ll also certify the integration with the partner. Moreover, we will download the partner’s inventory to our system to be able to supply it to you in less than 3 minutes regardless of its size.

You can request a new Integration at any time by filling out the form below. Just remember to arrange a contract with the partner beforehand and let them know that you want to connect through XML Travelgate.


Each time you activate a new partner using our API we need to have your credentials to their system. We need them because some partners work differently depending on who is connecting to them. To make sure it all runs smoothly we use your credentials to ascertain the integration works specifically for you. We also use them to download the product the partner has assigned to you. As you already know, we promise to deliver static content (hotel list, hotel details, destination tree, etc) in less than 3 minutes and in order to do this for some of our partners we need to pre-cache that data on our side.

Define a mapping strategy

Each time we activate a partner for you, you must map their inventory against yours. We provide you with different API calls so you can download the inventory. These calls are called “batch” and are defined here:
Service Endpoints


Testing, testing and more testing. To make sure you don’t have any surprises in the future please test your implementation thoroughly. If the partner requires a certification, we will do the integration part, but it’s up to you to certify your website or the data you return to your client. As usual, if you have any questions or need help please contact us at Customer Care Portal

Going Live

After the hard work, you’re finally ready — It’s going live day! Always let us know when you are ready to do it. Our systems scale automatically, but we like to know beforehand to make sure it goes smoothly. We will also manually monitor the first few days of your traffic, paying special attention to your bookings. If we see anything strange we will let you know. In addition you are welcome to use our back-office system to know exactly what’s happening to your integrations. There you will be able to:

  • Monitor your traffic and billing using our Dashboard
  • Download your statistics in csv format from our Back Office
  • Download booking and valuation XML request/responses
  • Use our support system by contacting our Customer Care Portal