For connectivities we will use a POST request to the suppliers system.

The headers we will use to send the POST request are:

Key Value
Content-Type text/xml; charset=utf-8
Accept application/xml
Accept-Encoding gzip
Connection Keep-Alive

The different methods from our API can be sent to 1 unique endpoint or to different enpoints. These endpoints will be set in the configuration TravelgateX receives from the buyer in each request. Endpoints have to be https for Reservation, Cancel, ReservationRead and ReservationList, for other request they can be http or https.

Correlation endpoints

In this table you can find relation between TravelgateX’s API method and the enpoint we will get from the configuration received to send this request:

API Method Configuration Parameter Used
Avail UrlAvail
Valuation UrlValuation
Reservation UrlReservation
Cancel UrlReservation
ReservationRead UrlReservation
ReservationList UrlReservation
All other requests UrlGeneric

We expect to receive always a 200 http status. If there is an error in the response it should be notified in the ApplicationError tag.