Method Goals

This method aims to return a list of bookings for a given time period being that either booking date or the travelling date.

Request Format

The request requires a date (of reservation or departure) and all the bookings that match this date will be returned.

Response Format

The response contains a list of bookings that match the requested date.

RetrieveReservationListRQ Example

        <ClientConfiguration currencyCode = "EUR"/>

RetrieveReservationListRQ Description

Element Number Type Description
RetrieveReservationListRQ 1 Root node.
ReservationDate 1 String Reservation date.
DepartureDate 1 String Departure date.
ClientEmail 1 String Client’s email.
OriginCode 1 String Origin code.
DestinationCode 1 String Destination code.
AgencyCode 1 String Contains a list of Passengers.

RetrieveReservationListRS Example

    <RetrieveReservationListRS xmlns:xsd = "" xmlns:xsi = "">
    <ResponseStatus tripType = "IDA" petitionType = "OW" status = "ok"/>
        <PaymentInfo locator = "V65CQC" totalAmount = "0">
        <PaymentInfo locator = "M3LIUI" totalAmount = "0">

RetrieveReservationListRS Description

Element Number Type Description
RetrieveReservationListRS 1 Root node.
ReservationList 1 Contains a list of Reservations.
ReservationList/PaymentInfo 1..n Contains the information of the payment.
@locator 1 String Unique identifier of the locator.
@totalAmount 1 Decimal Total amount. with taxes and other charges included.
@currency 1 String Currency code of the fare.
ReservationList/PaymentInfo /OriginCode 1 String Trip origin location code.
ReservationList/PaymentInfo /DestinationCode 1 String Trip destination location code.
ReservationList/PaymentInfo /ReservationDate 1 Date Date on which the reservation was made.
ReservationList/PaymentInfo /DepartureDate 1 Date Departure date.
ReservationList/PaymentInfo /MainPaxName 1 String Name and surname of the main passenger of the reservation.
ReservationList/PaymentInfo /HolderName 1 String Name of the holder of the reservation.
ReservationList/PaymentInfo /ReservationStatus 1 Current status of the reservation.
ReservationList/PaymentInfo /ReservationStatus/ReservationStatusType 1 String Reservation status: CONFIRMED (OK), CANCELLED (Change of programming).