Method Goals

This method aims to retrieve a list of the supplements that can be added to a product.


GetSupplementsRQ Example

        <Configuration codeProvider = "XXXX">
            <Credentials user = "" password = "">

GetSupplementsRQ Description

Element Number Type Description
GetSupplementsRQ 1 Root node.

GetSupplementsRS Example

            <Supplement id = "3" name = "Palos de Golf"/>
            <Supplement id = "2" name = "Material Deportivo"/>
            <Supplement id = "5" name = "Maleta extra"/>
            <Supplement id = "4" name = "Instrumentos musicales"/>
            <Supplement id = "6" name = "Tabla de surf"/>
            <Supplement id = "1" name = "Guitarra"/>

GetSupplementsRS Description

Element Number Type Description
GetSupplementsRS 1 Root node.
Supplements 1 List of supplements.
Supplements/Supplement 1 Supplement
@id 1 String Code of the supplement.
@name 1 String Name of the supplement.