Method Goals

This method aims to cancel a booking.

CancelBookingRQ Example

    <Configuration codeProvider = "XXX">
        <Credentials user = "XXX" password = "XXX">
            <UrlAvailability xsi:nil = "true"/>
            <UrlRateRule xsi:nil = "true"/>
            <UrlBook xsi:nil = "true"/>
            <UrlsSpecific xsi:nil = "true"/>
    <Locator id = "94" type = "PROVIDER"/>

CancelBookingRQ Description

Element Number Type Description
CancelBookingRQ 1 Root node.

CancelBookingRS Example

    <CancelBookingRS xmlns:xsd = "" xmlns:xsi = "">
        <Locator id = "ABCD" type = "CLIENT"/>
        <Locator id = "XYZ" type = "PROVIDER"/>
        <CanceledRate id = "74" providerCode = "5" providerExternalCode = "UXB-A07012339" rateType = "RT">
                    <SelectedOption status = "NEW" id = "0">
                            <Transfer id = "0">
                                <Info type = "BUS" code = "XXX" typeVeh = "XXX">
                                <LocOrigin type = "ARP" code = "XXX" date = "2014-09-19T00:00:00"/>
                                <LocDestination type = "HOT" code = "XXX" date = "2014-09-19T00:00:00"/>
            <CancellationPenalty currency = "EUR" amount = "0" priceType = "NET" commission = "0"/>

GetTransferTypesRS Description

Element Number Type Description
CancelBookingRS 1 Root node.
@id 1 String Code of the supplement. Sole codes.
@name 1 String Name of the supplement.
CancelBookingRS/Locators 0..1
CancelBookingRS/Locators /Locator 1..n Locator Contains the locator of the provider’s system.
CancelBookingRS/Locators /Locator/id 1 String The code that’s identifies the reservation in the provider’s system.
CancelBookingRS/Locators /Locator/type 1 eLocatorType Indicates the type of the locator. The possible values are: PROVIDER.
CancelBookingRS/CanceledRates 0..1 Rate If the provider returns information related to the cancelled rates, this will be returned.
CancelBookingRS /CanceledRates/CancelledRate 1..n SelectedRate Contains a list of SelectedRate.
@SelectedRate/id 1 Integer This id identifies the rate.
@SelectedRate/code 1 String Contains the code of the rate if the provider returns it.
@SelectedRate/providerCode 1 String Contains the code of the provider that offers this rate.
@SelectedRate/rateType 1 eRateType Indicates if the rate is OW (one-way) or RT (return).
@SelectedRate/SelectedOptions 1 SelectedOptions Contains a list of SelectedOptions that belong to this rate.
@SelectedRate /SelectedOptions/SelectedOption 1..n SelectedOption Contains a list of SelectedOption.
@SelectedOption/status 1 String Indicates the status of the option if the provider returns this information. This is a plain text of the status returned by the provider, this means that each provider may send it’s own status codes/messages.
@SelectedOption/id 1 Integer This code identifies the option.
@SelectedOption/Segment 1 Segment Contains the segment which is served with this option.
@SelectedOption/Transfers 1 Transfers Contains a list of different transfers that serve the segment of this option.
@SelectedOption/Transfers /Transfer 1..n Transfer Contains a list of transfers which is served with this option.
@SelectedOption/Parameters 1 Parameters Contains a list of Parameter objects. The parameter returned in AvailabilityRS should be received by the integration on RateRuleRQ.
@SelectedRate/TotalRate 1 Price Contains information about the price of this rate. If the rate is OW this price correspond to each option included in this SelectedRate object, if the rate is RT correspond to the pair of options included in this SelectedRate object.
@SelectedRate/CancellationPolicy 1 Cancellation Policies 1 Contains a list of conditions of the penalties for the cancellation of the reservation. This object normaly is not used because in this moments the providers not return this informacion in AvailabilityRS, if there are any will be returned in RateRuleRS.