OTA VehRetRes (Get Booking Details)

Method Goals

This method aims to retrieve a booking with its full details.


Some suppliers do not implement this method.

OTA VehRetResRQ Example

            <Source ISOCountry = "ESP">
                <RequestorID Type = "LAN" ID = "es"/>
            <UniqueID ID = "4564894564" Type = "4"/>

OTA VehRetResRQ Description

The request requires the UniqueID (locator) of the reservation and the name of the customer to identify the reservation and retrieve its information.

Element Number Type Description
OTA_VehRetResRQ 1 Root Node.
OTA_VehRetResRQ/POS 1 Pos Contains information of the Point Of Sale.
OTA_VehRetResRQ /VehRetResRQCore 1 VehRetResRQCore Contains the locator and the name of the customer in order to identify and retrieve the booking information.
VehRetResRQCore/UniqueID 1 UniqueID It has the UniqueID that identifies the reservation for the provider to cancel it.
VehRetResRQCore/PersonName 1 PersonName Contains the name of the customer that made the reservation.

OTA VehRetResRS Example

            <VehReservation ReservationStatus = "">
                    <ConfID ID = " " Type = ""/>
                    <Vendor Code = " "/>
                    <Vehicle AirConditionInd = " " TransmissionType = " " VendorCarType = " ">
                        <VehMakeModel Name = "" Code = ""/>
                        <VehType DoorCount = "" VehicleCategory = ""/>
                        <VehClass Size = ""/>
                    <TotalCharge CurrencyCode = " " RateTotalAmount = ""/>

OTA VehRetResRS Description

The result returns the full details of a booking. It is very similar to the OTA VehRes Response.

Element Number Type Description
OTA_VehRetResRS 1 Root Node.
OTA_VehRetResRS /VehRetResRSCore 1 Vehicle RetrieveResRSCore Contains the information of the retrieved booking.
VehicleRetrieveResRSCore /VehReservation 1 Vehicle Reservation Contains the information of the retrieved booking.