Cancel Booking

Method Goals

This method aims to cancel a booking


Not implemented by all suppliers

OTA VehCancelRQ Example

            <Source ISOCountry = "ESP">
                <RequestorID Type = "LAN" ID = "es"/>
            <UniqueID ID = "XXXX" Type = "4"/>

OTA VehCancelRQ Description

The request requires the booking code and the name of the customer.

Element Number Type Description
OTA_VehCancelRQ 1 Root Node.
OTA_VehCancelRQ/POS 1 Pos Contains information of the Point Of Sale.
OTA_VehCancelRQ /VehCancelRQCore 1 CancelInfoRQ It has the UniqueID that identifies the reservation for the provider to cancel it.
VehCancelRQ/UniqueID 1 UniqueID Locator code that identifies the reservation.
VehCancelRQ/PersonName 1 PersonName Object that contains the name of the customer.
OTA_VehCancelRQ /VehCancelRQInfo 1 vehCancel RQInfo Contains the dates of the reservation and the selected offices. Most of the providers don’t require this information.
vehCancelRQInfo /RentalInfo 1 RentalInfo Contains the locations and dates of the rental.

OTA VehCancelRS Example

        <VehCancelRSCore CancelStatus = " ">
                <CancelRule Amount = " " CurrencyCode = " "/>
            <UniqueID Type = " " ID = " "/>

OTA VehCancelRS Description

The result returns the new status of the reservation and the possible cost of the cancellation.

Element Number Type Description
OTA_VehCancelRS 1 Root Node
OTA_VehCancelRS /VehCancelRSCore 1 VehCancelRSCore Contains the Cancelation rules.
VehCancelRSCore /CancelStatus 1 eTransactionStatusType It showns the new status of the reservation.