Data Structure

This document intends to explain every aspect of its structure and fields.

The integration will have the following methods:

Method Input Output Required Description Endpoint
OTA_VehAvailRate OTA_VehAvailRateRQ OTA_VehAvailRateRS Yes Makes an availability call Car Booking Endpoint.
OTA_VehRateRule OTA_VehRateRuleRQ OTA_VehRateRuleRS Yes Makes a pre-booking Car Booking Endpoint
OTA_VehRes OTA_VehResRQ OTA_VehResRS Yes Makes a booking Car Booking Endpoint
OTA_VehLocSearch OTA_VehLocSearchRQ OTA_VehLocSearchRS Yes Gets a static offices list Car Batch Endpoint
OTA_VehRetRes OTA_VehRetResRQ OTA_VehRetResRS No Gets booking details Car Booking Endpoint
OTA_VehCancel OTA_VehCancelRQ OTA_VehCancelRS No Cancels a booking Car Booking Endpoint
StaticConfiguration StaticConfigurationRQ StaticConfigurationRS Yes Returns the information related to the configuration of the provider.
RuntimeConfiguration RuntimeConfigurationRQ RuntimeConfigurationRS Yes Returns information related to the behaviour of the integration.

Each request sent to the service url requires a node called rqXML . Inside this node travels the current method’s Input object.

Typical Exchange Message Scenario

Typical use case of message exchange flow between Providers and Sellers can be resumed as:

  1. Retrieve and purchase of car rental product:

    1. Agencies retrieve the available product from the provider using OTA_VehAvailRate.
    2. Once the final customer selects an option, a pre-booking must be done using OTA_VehRateRule.
    3. Finally, when the customer agrees purchasing the option, the booking is created using OTA_VehRes.
  2. Manage Bookings:

    1. The information related to a booking previously created can be retrieved usingOTA_VehRetRes.
    2. A previously made reservation can be cancelled usingOTA_VehCancel.
  3. Office Mapping:

    1. Agencies can retrieve the available offices usingOTA_VehLocSearch.

Data structure content:

  1. Common-Elements
  2. Availability
  3. Pre-Booking (Rate Rule)
  4. Booking
  5. Routes (Offices)
  6. OTA VehRetRes (GetBooking Details)
  7. Cancel Booking
  8. StaticConfiguration
  9. RunTimeConfiguration
  10. Code List