Common Elements

This node will be in every request and response objects.

The request object contains the supplier’s configuration, urls and credentials.

The response object contains the operation status and errors, if any.

Common Elements RQ Example

            <!--  <agencyCode>test</agencyCode> -->
        <Configuration codeProvider = "HBA">
            <Credentials user = "XXX" password = "XXX">
                <UrlIdentification xsi:nil = "true"/>
                <UrlAvailability xsi:nil = "true"/>
                <UrlBook xsi:nil = "true"/>
                <UrlsSpecific xsi:nil = "true"/>
                <Attribute key = "urlFTP" value = ""/>
                <Attribute key = "userFTP" value = "xxx"/>
                <Attribute key = "passFTP" value = "xxx"/>

Common Elements RQ Description

Element Number Type Description
TicketBaseRQ 1 Root node.
timeoutMillisencods 1 Integer Timeout in milliseconds that client will be waiting the response.
source 1 Information about source requesting the operation.
source/languageCode 1 String Language code (ISO 3166-1 alpha-2) format.
filterAuditData 1 Information about enable or disable information returned in audit data.
filterAuditData/registerTransactions 1 Boolean If true, it registers the transactions with provider.
Configuration 1 Information about source requesting the operation.
@codeProvider 1 String Agency code of the provider.
Configuration/Credentials 1 Provider credentials.
Configuration/Credentials/User 0..1 String User code for connection.
Configuration/Credentials/Password 0..1 String Password for connection.
Configuration/Credentials/UrlGeneric 0..1 String Url generic connection.
Configuration/UrlAvail 0..1 String Url for Avail method.
Configuration/UrlValuation 0..1 String Url for Valuation method.
Configuration/UrlBook 0..1 String Url for Reservation method.
Configuration/Attributes 0..1 Parameters for additional information.
Configuration/Attributes/Attribute 0..n List of parameter. 1
@key 1 String Contains the keyword/Id to identify a parameter.
@value 1 String Contains the value of the parameter.

Common Elements RS Example

            <Error Code = "204" ShortText = "">Provider returns 0 results</Error>
                <RQ />
                <RS />


Common Elements RS Description

Element Number Type Description
TicketBaseRS 1 Root node.
OperationImplemented 1 Boolean If the operation is implemented by this provider or not.
Errors 0..1 Errors Errors reported by provider.
Errors/Error 0..n Error List of errors reported by provider.
@Error/Code 1 String Typified error of XML Travelgate.
@Error/ShortText 1 String Native error code reported by provider.
Error/Text 1 String Error description.
auditData 1 Information about processing that transaction.
auditData/transactions 0..n List of transactions communicated with provider.
auditData/transactions/timeStamp 1 Integer TimeStamp in which has been generated that transaction.
auditData/transactions/RQ 1 String Transaction Request.
auditData/transactions/RS 1 String Transaction Response.
auditData/timeStamp 1 Integer TimeStamp which response has been generated.