Availability simulator

In order to simulate the availability requests and response for the product loaded in Inventory-X you will need to go to the Product tab and then select the Availability option in the Inventory-X extranet.

Inventory-X Delete Product

First step will be to indicate the desired Client-Provider connection and then the hotel to search availability. After that, you should specify the following conditions:

  • Hotel: Hotel name or ID to request for.
  • Dates: Check-in and check-out date to request for.
  • Rate Rules: In case you need to search and filter a particular rate rule, check the option required: Large Family, Public Servant, Negotiated, Package, Canary Resident, Balearic Resident, Honeymoon. Rates without rule assigned will be returned.
  • Markets: Optional filter if you only want to receive rates allowed for specific markets.
  • Rooms: Number of rooms to request for.
  • Paxes and ages: Number of pax in each room and their age.

Once you have filled all the information you can click on the Search button and all options and prices will appear if there is any rate that fullfills all conditions.