Typical Scenarios

Typical use case of message exchange flow between Providers and Sellers can be resumed as:

Synchronize Hotelier product:

  1. Providers retrieve static inventory (Hotel/Rate Plans/Rooms) from Seller using HotelRatePlanInventoryRetrieve in order to map Hotelier inventory into their system.

  2. Providers Push/Notif Rate Plan information to Seller using HotelRatePlanNotif in order to synchronize Hotelier rates.

  3. Providers Push/Notif Availability information to Seller using HotelAvailNotif in order to synchronize Hotelier availability.

Synchronize Bookings (Confirmations / Cancellations):

  1. XTG can Push/Notify reservations and cancellations to Providers using HotelResNotif and CancelNotif.

  2. Providers can retrieve reservations using HotelResRetrieve.

  3. Use both systems as described above.

Optionally, check if synchronization is correct:

  1. Providers retrieve dynamic rates using HotelRatePlanRetrieve.

  2. Providers retrieve availability using HotelAvailRetrieve.