Inventory-X Overview

Inventory-X permits Channel Managers and Product Distributors to push their product into a TravelgateX database, thus making it available for the TravelgateX buyers.

The way Inventory-x works is the following.

Channel Managers and Hotels will push data to InventoryX.

  • InventoryX will receive the data from the different channels and will store it in a common structure.

  • Then, this product can be consumed in 3 different ways:

    • Pull with our HotelX solution.
    • Push with our ChannelX solution.
    • Flat File solution.

Public Soap WebService Methods:


More information.

You can find more information on how to connect to Inventory-X by consulting our public API.

If you are interested in connecting to Inventory-X as a client and not a Channel Manager, please visit our product page for mor information.