Messages with OTA XSD structure

List of messages with OTA xsd structure used:

Method OTA RQ OTA RS Type Description
HotelRatePlan InventoryRetrieve OTA_HotelRatePlanRQ OTA_Hotel RatePlanRS Retrieve Retrieve static information of hotel seller inventory
HotelRatePlan Retrieve OTA_Hote lRatePlanRQ OTA_Hotel RatePlanRS Retrieve Retrieve rates of hotel seller
HotelAvail Retrieve OTA_Hotel AvailGetRQ OTA_Hotel AvailGetRS Retrieve Retrieve availability of hotel seller
HotelRes Retrieve OTA_ReadRQ OTA_HotelResRS Retrieve Retrieve reservations from user seller
HotelRate PlanNotify OTA_Hotel RatePlanNotifRQ OTA_Hotel RatePlanNotifRS Notify Notify rates to hotel seller
HotelAvail Notify OTA_Hotel AvailNotifRQ OTA_Hotel AvailNotifRS Notify Notify availability to hotel seller
HotelRes Retrieve OTA_Hotel ResRetrieveRQ OTA_Hotel ResRetrieveRS Retrieve Retrieve reservations from user seller