HotelX changelog

Easily accessible log of notable changes to HotelX API


  • Added CurrencyX management for the cancel penalties.
  • Bug when the cancel penalty type is empty or invalid format.
  • Mandatory field always returns FALSE when fee is EXCLUSIVE type in Surcharge node.


  • New plugin, add parameter. You can see the documentation here.
  • Management of the default currency settings.


  • Type HotelData introduces new field “GiataData”.
  • Internal, better performant, REST endpoint in Search operation. Field filters have been added to minimize the throughput, this wasn’t necessary with graphql, filtered fields that have a relation with Legacy api are now also sent as filter.

Expire date of payment card in Book now accept the follow format, month: 1 digit or 2 digits, year: 4 digits or 2 digits


  • Fix hotel-list and hotel-room EOF error, when elastic returns empty result.


  • Fix the error of destinationSearcher when elastic returns empty value.


  • Fix the error of hotel-list and hotel-room when requesting more than one code.


  • Upgrade permission check in all microservices
  • Environment variable health check
  • Add parameter in Hotel-Quote and Hotel-Book


  • Fix booking timeout issue
  • Added warning if any option has been discarded by CommissionX and CurrencyX plugins


  • Fix filter maxSize Destination
  • Adapt Hotel-Room, Hotel-Board, Hotel-Category to new organization.
  • Added log if commission Fees is -1


  • Ambiguous warning message in Book when supplier has not returned price
  • Removed error nodes from Groups and Organization nodes
  • Removed log if amount is 0 in Fees node


  • Added geonames in Hotel-List
  • Added access code in book log in some special cases of commission
  • Partially synchronous resource caches in Hotel-Quote, Hotel-Book, Hotel-Cancel, Hotel-Booking


  • Fix Stats
  • Fix Hotels requested stats in Access and Transaction spans where the count wasn’t correct in some cases
  • Margin plugin compares net commission in order to decide discarding or mantaining an option.


  • Fix blacklist (by supplier) plugin


  • Fix price discrepancy between Quote and Book


  • Allow relay at the query hotel
  • Count field in HotelConnection to retrieve the number of HotelEdges that match the filter, pagination doesn’t affect Count.


  • Status tipification to be able to differentiate from critical to non-critical external services
  • Commission and currency rates are now keep unchanged between Quote and Book
  • Operation and Access processes have been updated to register times of their different execution steps and their processed options.
  • Transactions to worker are now monitorized in their own span with supplier’s communication times, parsing times and processed options.


  • Fix apply Markups to net price


  • Fix currency bug inside markups, in Quote and Book


  • Improve reponse time and service


  • Settings heritage. Guide
  • Plugins filter
  • Fix bugs


  • New input field in Hotels Query filter. This allows to filter the response by hotel’s country. GraphQL Schema updated.


  • New plugin, safety margin. You can see the documentation here.


  • Hotel, board, room and rate maps caches are now updated synchronously. This will improve the user’s experience when 1st time debugging operations.
  • Hotel maps cache refactoring to reduce the number of cached items and cached operations.
  • Hotel maps cached requests are now pipelined to reduce Round Trip Time.



  • Improvement of the Rooms Schema with paginated list and max number of elements per page. By defect are 1000 rooms.


  • Wrong behaviour that made options to be discarded when price in supplements was empty in Search query.


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