Method Goals

This method returns the details of a hotel (pictures, descriptions …) in a given language.

Request Format

The request just requires the hotel code and language code (ISO-639-1) - this is specified within the source–>languageCode).

Response Format

The result returns the details of that hotel.


The maximum time permitted in our system before the connection is closed is 180000 milliseconds.

DescriptiveInfoRQ Example


DescriptiveInfoRQ Description

Element Number Type Description
DescriptiveInfoRQ 1 Root node.
DescriptiveInfoRQ/Hotel 1 String Hotel requested.
DescriptiveInfoRQ/Hotel/Code 1 String Code.

DescriptiveInfoRS Example

        <Name>Nice Stay</Name>
        <Address>Avenue Doctor Brown S/N</Address>
        <AvailDestination code = "2" name = "London"/>
        <GeographicDestination code = "2" name = "London" avail = "true"/>
        <CategoryCode>4 Stars</CategoryCode>    
        <ShortDescription>the hotel.....</ShortDescription>
        <LongDescription>the hotel....</LongDescription>
                <Description>City center: 3000</Description>
                <Description>Bus stop: 70000</Description>
                <Description>Map view</Description>
                <Description>External view</Description>
        <PaymentOptions cash="false" bankAcct="false">
                <Card code="VI"/>
                <Card code="AX"/>
                <Card code="CA"/>

DescriptiveInfoRS Description

Element Number Type Description
DescriptiveInfoRS/UpgradeUTCDate 1 DateTime Indicates the update date of the information in UTC format.
DescriptiveInfoRS/Hotel 0..n Root node. Hotel sheet.
Code 1 String Code.
Name 1 String Name.
Address 1 String Address.
Airports 0..1 List of airports.
Airports/Airport 1..n Specific airport near the hotel.
Airports/Airport/IATACode 1 String IATA airport Code.
Town 1 String Town.
ZipCode 1 String ZipCode.
CountryISOCode 1 String Country ISOCode.
AvailDestination 0..1 Avail destination (will only be returned if requested in Avail, and the type is CTY).
@code 1 String Destination code.
@name 1 String Destination name.
GeographicDestination 1 Geographic destination.
@code 1 String Destination code.
@name 1 String Destination name.
@avail 1 Boolean Indicates if the code can be used in Avail.
Latitude 0..1 String Latitude.
Longitude 0..1 String Longitude.
Contact 0..1 Hotel contact information.
Contact/Email 1 String Email.
Contact/Telephone 1 String Telephone.
Contact/Fax 1 String Fax.
CategoryCode 1 String Category code.
BookingContact 0..1 Booking dept contact.
BookingContact/Email 1 String Email.
BookingContact/Telephone 1 String Telephone.
BookingContact/Fax 1 String Fax.
Chaincode 0..1 String Hotel chain code.
ShortDescription 0..1 String Short description.
LongDescription 0..1 String Long description.
HowToGet 0..1 String Directions to the hotel.
RoomDescription 0..1 String Room description.
SituationDescription 0..1 String Area description.
RestaurantsDescription 0..1 String Restaurants description.
PoolsDescription 0..1 String Pools description.
ActivitiesDescription 0..1 String Activities description.
ServicesDescription 0..1 String Services description.
AdditionalDetails 0..1 String Additional details.
Attributes 0..1 Attributes.
Attributes/Attribute 1..n Specific attributes of the hotel, such as wi-fi.
Attributes/Attribute/Code 1 String Code.
Attributes/Attribute/Value 1 String Value.
Attributes/Attribute/Classification 1 String Classification ( HOT=hotel, HAB=room, SER=service and GRAL=generic).
Attributes/Attribute/Description 0..1 String Description.
Images 0..1 Images.
Images/Picture 1..n Picture.
Images/Picture/Url 1 String Url.
Images/Picture/Classification 1 String Classification (HOT=hotel, HAB=room, SER=service and GRAL=generic).
Images/Picture/Ordered 0..1 String Images should be ordered from 1 onward. 1 is top.
Images/Picture/Description 0..1 String Description.
Images/Picture/Code 0..1 String Code.
Images/Picture/UpgradeUTCDate 0..1 DateTime Indicates the upgrade date of the picture in UTC format.
LocationType 0..1 String Location code.
PaymentOptions 0..1 String Type of cards allowed by the supplier. This tag is only mandatory if payment type is different than MerchantPay.
PaymentOptions/Cards/Cards 1 List of cards allowed.
PaymentOptions/Cards/Card 1..n Type of card allowed.
@code 1 String Code of card. Se the full list of card codes at Lists of Data.
ExclusiveDeal 0..1 Boolean Indicates that a Hotel is an Exlusive Deal.
PropertyCategory 0..1 Hotels property type. Similar to Type tag, but on supplier’s side.
PropertyCategory/Code 1 String Supplier property code.
PropertyCategory/Name 1 String Supplier property name.