Price indicates the value of the room/option. Supplements and/or surcharges can be included into the price, and will be verified with nodes Supplements/Surcharges.

GraphQL schema definition


  • currency(Currency!): Currency code indicating which currency should be paid. This information is mandatory.
  • binding(Boolean!): It indicates if the price indicated in the gross must be respected. That is, the customer can not sell the room / option at a price lower than that established by the supplier. This information is mandatory.
  • net(Float!): Indicates the net price that the customer must pay to the supplier. This information is mandatory.
  • gross(Float): Indicates the retail price that the supplier sells to the customer.
  • exchange(Exchange!): Provides information about the currency of original, and its rate applied over the results returned by the Supplier. This information is mandatory.
  • markups([Markup!]): Informs markup applied over supplier price.

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