Settings that you can edit for this avail. Values are loaded by default in our Back Office.

GraphQL schema definition

  • type HotelSettingsInput {
  • context: String
  • client: ID
  • group: ID
  • timeout: Int
  • auditTransactions: Boolean
  • businessRules: BusinessRulesInput
  • suppliers: [HotelXSupplierInput!]
  • plugins: [PluginStepInput!]
  • testMode: Boolean
  • clientTokens: [String!]
  • useContext: : Boolean // Indicates if you want use context, or not, by default is true. @deprecated(reason: "deprecated from 2017-12-12 Redundant.")
  • connectUser: : String // This field is occurs only if the authorization header is of the type JWT.. It is used to change the user that has been set by default in the preload. @deprecated(reason: "deprecated from 2018-03-19 Redundant.")
  • }