In this section you will find all the necessary queries in order to perform a booking flow using GraphQL Playground.

Step by Step

In order to perform a booking flow, please follow the steps below:


First of all, to be able to run any query you should have an Apikey as an authentication.

In case you have an Apikey, you can use it by introducing it in the HTTP Headers. Otherwise, you can use the following Apikey for test purposes:

By means of the following query, you will be able to perform an availability search for a given specific criteria. Modify “criteriaSearch” fields using valid dates and press the button play to send the query.

In case you need to replicate the search, there is a possibility to do so by using our token (see second tab). This token is obtained in the response of a search query and you will find it in each of the options returned.


This query aims to return the total price and cancellation policies of the option selected in the previous step. In the Query Variables, modify the optionRefId with the option id value returned in the search response and send the query:

In this case, you can modify the language, if you don’t indicate the language, it uses the same language of search.


This query allows you to book a previously quoted option. In the Query Variables, modify the optionRefId with the optionRefId value returned in the quote response and send the query with the other mandatory information:


This query allows you to perform a book cancellation. In Query Variables, you should introduce all the necessary information of the book that you want to cancel:

Booking List

You can retrieve the reservation details and status by performing one of the following three options (see tabs): 1. References - Introducing reservation locators 2. Per booking dates 3. Per arrival dates