Rank hotels

On this page you will learn how to rank hotels.


On this page, you will learn how to manage content data such as hotels, boards, categories, etc. in your site. Hotel Content operations allow changes to be made into static methods on HotelX, so that hotels can be divided into different rankings or priorities in order to facilitate the mapping process.

The main goal of this process is to create a hotel ranking and divide the whole portfolio in order to make the hotel list more manageable. Each classification or sub-list responds to specific commercial criteria, such as direct contracting hotels, the best offers, the best sales, etc.

Once the hotel ranking file/s have been uploaded, the static hotel list method can filter hotels according to this ranking. In order to set up hotel ranking lists you must upload a file in csv format using a specific name to identify the ranking in your organisation’s FTP.

File Names (mandatory)

Each file can have different meanings. It’s up to the file creator to give it a meaning according to their business needs. In order to process files correctly, they must be named according to the following naming convention:

File Name Description
rank1.csv Rank 1, for example direct contracts
rank2.csv Rank 2, for example best deals
rank3.csv Rank 3, for example top sales
rank4.csv Rank 4, for example competitive hotels
rankN.csv Rank N, any type of information.

Header fields (mandatory)

In order for them to be correctly processed, the header fields must have the following format:

Field Name Data Type
provider_id string
hotel_code string
rank boolean [1,0]


provider_id hotel_code rank
travelgatex 2018 1
travelgatex 2017 1

Process file

To process the file, it must be uploaded to your organization’s FTP folder in the TravelgateX Platform. For more info on how to upload files, you can access our data automation section.

Template File

Feel free to download a template CSV file.