Four steps to using our API

Four steps to using our API

If you’re ready to start searching for a hotel, getting a quote and booking it right away, try out the TravelgateX API by following the steps below:

  • STEP 1: Get to know our APIs. Read through our documentation and test some sample calls in our API Playground. You can use a test API key and start experimenting with our APIs straight away.
  • STEP 2: Sign an agreement with hotel suppliers to be using their booking databases. You can see a full list of suppliers and contact the ones you want to connect with by visiting our supplier database.
  • STEP 3: Sign up for TravelgateX API access. Send us an email and tell us who you are and which hotel suppliers you are working with. TravelgateX works with over 600 suppliers, and we are the first certified partner to work with EAN Rapid. We will send you a welcome pack with your login details and further guides on how to make your first integration.
  • STEP 4: Start generating new business! Read through our integration guides and start integrating our HotelX API into your booking applications.
  • BONUS STEP: TravelgateX is using one of the latest and most advanced API technologies, GraphQL. It is quick to learn and immensely powerful. Check out our free GraphQL guides to learn more about this cutting edge technology.

Join the TravelgateX partner program

In order to start building your own API, you’ll need to join the TravelgateX partner program. You can sign up through us directly to become a partner.

Product Quick Start

Choose which APIs you would like to use from our constantly growing catalog of travel services.

  • HotelX: Search, check availability, compare prices, and book hotels in realtime with our API
  • Stats: Track all of your API calls to our travel services, the calls being made, the response times and the status codes. Ideal for managing DevOps for large travel websites.
  • Insights: Stand back and get a wider perspective on your travel customers with a forthcoming data API that will reveal the trends and travel patterns of your customer base. All the messages, all the searches, everything you’ve done on TravelgateX will be available in Insight.
  • Mappea: The fastest way to display maps of your hotels, travel services and HotelX bookings on your website, in customer communication, and in your client apps.

Interactive, user-friendly documentation

All of our endpoint reference documentation is generated from our GraphQL schema. Use the schema column in the navigation of the API Playground to see and understand what information will be returned by each query.

Be part of the community

The TravelgateX community of developers are creative, clever, data-driven, fun, and helpful. Join us on Slack and contribute to the conversation, learn from other developers working in the travel industry, and share your own best practices and unique insights. Feel connected and be part of a bigger industry sector by participating in our forums. It is also a great place to learn and share new GraphQL practices and to learn about our other tools, including our payments platform, and how other developers are connecting with our 600+ suppliers.

Our developer and support team also actively participate in our forums, so when you post a query, we are quick to respond and solve your integration challenge. The GraphQL playground has all of our API functionalities baked in, so you can quickly explore making queries and testing calls, but if you need more help, you can post in our Slack channel, or you can contact us through our Jira Service Desk using the username and password that we sent you in your welcome pack. (But don’t worry if you can’t find it, send us an email and we will send it to you again.)

Although the API has been designed to be very intuitive and easy to read, we are aware that some concepts can be confusing. That’s why we’re here to help! You have access to complete API documentation guide, an interactive version available inside the Playground, a large community of experienced members ready to answer your questions, and a support team ready to solve any doubts that you might have during the process.

Can’t find your answer?

Got any technical questions or need support from our team? We’re here to help. Get in touch through Jira Service Desk using the username and password that has been sent to you together with the welcome pack. Let us know if you haven’t received it, or can’t find it, so we can send it to your email address again.