Learn the basics

TravelgateX provides a single API endpoint for all of our API products. This makes it easy for you to integrate our full travel catalog and services into your applications (regardless of whether you are integrating to a website, mobile app, widget, or other interface).

Completely rebuilt in GraphQL from our many years of experience with travel XML integrations, we are offering state of the art, cutting edge API technology that is quick to learn and makes integration simple and fast. Our first API – HotelX – is currently available and provides access to over 600 hotel booking suppliers, with thousands of properties available.

The TravelgateX platform supports both travel buyers and sellers.

BUYERS are businesses that provide travel services to their customer base.

Buyers are:

  • Online travel agents,
  • Travel apps,
  • Niche travel operators or
  • Direct-to-consumer travel platforms.

As a buyer, you can use the TravelgateX platform and our HotelX API to integrate a wide selection of realtime, hotel bed booking databases into your applications.

SELLERS are hotel bed and travel service providers who have an inventory of hotel beds (or travel services) that you want to make available for online booking.

Sellers are:

  • >B2B travel aggregators,
  • Travel fare aggregators and travel metasearch engines,
  • Large hotel chains,
  • Travel service catalogues, or
  • Direct-to-consumer travel platforms.

As a seller, TravelgateX connects to your realtime booking databases so that you can optimize your vacancies and make them available to buyers. Where you have made set pricing arrangements with particular buyers, specific pricing is displayed as per your agreements. TravelgateX supports suppliers to reach new buyers by helping make it easy for new buyers to sign up for hotel and travel service contracts via our platform.