GraphQL tools

Top tools to develop in GraphQL

Here is a collection of tools we’ve been using that have help us develop in GraphQL:

Schemas Design

Go Packages

Nowadays most our APIS are written in Go, mainly because of speed, ability to handle very high load while using low resources. Also because of the ability to develop plugins. We’ve used many libraries and packages to help us, hereby our list:

NodeJS Packages

Other pieces of our software are written in NodeJS. Mainly because some packages are wither not avaialble in Go, or because the Go package is not as performant as the Node alternative. These are the packages we use: * GraphQL server

Schema Visualizers

It’s nice to be able to see your schema and be able to navigate through it.

Documentation Generators

git co bea
Generate beautiful static documentation sites directly from schema or introspection query

GraphQL Clients

Build, create and play with queries, it’s fun!

Big List

Here’s a list of even more tools, resources, etc.