Basic Concepts

What are Queries & Mutations

There are two basic operations in GraphQL schemas:

  • Queries: Requesting data from a data model. An example Query would be: checking availability of hotels for a particular date and location
  • Mutations: Making changes and carrying out transactions on data in the data model. An example Mutation would be: making a booking to reserve a hotel room on a particular date.


Queries ask the system to provide some data, based on specfic parameters. This operation reads values from the server using a GraphQL Object and returns JSON text as a response.

Queries are interactive. You can use our API Playground to test your queries.


Mutations are methods that change the data on the server. That is, mutations make a physical change to the data. This can include inserting a new object in a database, or deleting, or updating a data record.

Our booking flow can be found here