API Reference

Our reference pages explain all aspects of our GraphQL schema.

These pages are divided into the following sections:

Schema: Explains how our Schema works and the two key operations: Queries and Mutations

Objects: A complete list of all objects in our schema, their definitions, what fields they use and when they are mandatory.

Scalars: A complete list of the types of objects that are available in our schema (such as String or Integer). By defining scalars we make sure you can only enter or receive data that fits the objects in our data model.

Interfaces: An abstract type that includes a certain set of fields that a type must include. For example, our AdviseMessage interface requires the error code, error type and error description fields to be used together.

Input Objects: Similar to an Interface, this is an abstract type that includes a set of fields that can be used together when making a query. For example our FlightOfferWhereInput lists which fields must be completed to filter search results for a flight booking.

Enums: These are a particular type of scalar that works like a drop-down, single selection menu. Each type of Enum has a number of choices defined, and users must select one of the choices when querying the Enum. For example, our passengers object has a field name type that can only return one value of those: ADT, CHD, INF.