On this page you will learn more about the Flight-X’s Search method

Method Goals

This method is the first step in order to perform a Flight-X’s booking flow. This method aims to return all the available flight offers matching the given request criteria. This method is equivalent to the IATA AirShopping method.

If you are not familiar to some concepts that are named in the following paragraphs you can take a look to our API reference and take a look to our schema

How to request

Mainly, this method has three inputs where (FlightOfferWhereInput), orderBy (FlightOfferOrderByInput) and settings (FlightSettingsInput). At this time, the orderBy input has no efect. The where input is the criteria that all the offers returned by the Search has to accomplish. The settings input is the common configuration to use in order to build the request to the supplier/s. All the offers returned by the Search has those característics, if there are no offers that meet those requiremensts an error is returned.

At the moment, the only parameters from where that has effect are the originDestCriteria_in and the age_in.

The originDestCriteria_in is an array of objects (FlightOriginDestCriteriaInput) that must have at least one value. The parameters for this objects are two scalars departure and arrival, those scalars are IATA airport codes or city codes, with 3 characters. In addition, you has to fill the parameter departureAt with a date, it is the date when you want the offers, the date format is “yyyy-mm-dd”. There are no limit in the number of originDestCriteria_in, however the majority of the providers only accept two criterias.

The parameter age_in is an array of integers that must have at least one value, each value in the array is the age of a passenger that wants to flight.

Regarding to the settings input, Flight-X for test purposes is only available with the parameter groupCode to FlightX_18728. If you do not specify any supplierCode_in value, Flight-X searh for all the accesses configurated to this group. Now, Flight-X have two accesess configurated, one for the supplier DE2 and the other for AERT. You can limit the search to one of those providers, using the named suppliers codes in the supplierCode_in. You can take a look to this page in order to learn more about the access, client and supplier concepts.

Here you can see some examples and play with our playground: