How to add a mealplan


It is an incremental load, so bear in mind these considerations:

  • If a meal plan exists then it is updated.

  • If a meal plan does not exist then it is created.

  • Existing meal plans that are not referenced are not removed.

  • If an existing meal plan has to be removed from system then you have to contact with TravelgateX.

  • If there is any problem with a meal plan’s information then it is omitted (and logged) but the load continues.

## Specifications

  • File name: Master_Mealplans.csv.

  • Each line represents a unique meal plan and contains all the information (fields) about it.

  • The first line is not a header line: it contains data directly.

  • Inside a line fields are separated using the character #. This character can’t be used inside data because fields would be gathered in a wrong way.

  • The data of the fields is not encapsulated by " or any other character: the information must be included directly.

  • Any blank line will be skipped.

  • The file and its data have to be encoded using UTF-8. Otherwise there can be stored strange characters.

  • If a field is mandatory then it has to be present in each line, even if it has no data: its used position cannot be omitted. If mandatory then we have to see if its data is mandatory or not.

  • If a field is not mandatory but we want to set it then all previous fields must be present: if any previous field is not mandatory and we don’t want to set a value we will have to include it with no value. We need it this way as it is used the field position to map it to the target data.

  • If a field’s data is not mandatory and we don’t want to set it then we just keep it empty: i.e. …##…

  • If a field’s data is mandatory then we have to set something (no value is not admitted).

Line fields

Position Mandatory Field Mandatory Data Type Description
0 Yes Yes string Meal plan code
1 Yes Yes string Meal plan name


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