This tool allows us to perform a search on our hotels and suppliers to see their static data.

Distribution searches


From the component, by selecting filter, it lets us choose between one of the possible search fields:

  • Hotel Name
  • Hotel Code
  • Hotel Chain
  • Destination
  • Country Code.

An example searching by hotel name: We choose the filter and its value, we add it and we can carry out the search. It is possible to specify as many filters as we want. The result would be the following:

Distribution searches hotel


In this case the list of providers is filled in automatically, and we can search on it, for example by default it would look like this:

Distribution searches providers


You can check the current currencies list used by Distribution-X and its exchange:

Distribution searches currencies

Meal Plans

You can check the mealplan list with the code and name information:

Distribution searches mealplans