General stop sales


Blacklists are filters that allow us to exclude products from sale. This filter can be applied to hotels directly, or to some property contained by several hotels. This page allows us to apply, modify or eliminate Blacklists quickly and easily on the different categories:

  • Providers
  • Hotel chains
  • Markets
  • Countries
  • Cities
  • Destinations
  • Hotels

Distribution generic stop sales

Create and configurate a new rule

To create a general stop sale you will only need to add the values to filter in each stop sale condition box and write a comment. For example, to blacklist some markets you will add the market name in the Markets Blacklisted with a comment:

Distribution generic stop sales

For each box, and as is shown in the previous image, you will find three different buttons:

  • Information: Check last update and stop sale comments.
  • Save: Save your changes.
  • Delete the rule.