Time Zone

Distribution Time Zone

With this rule it be can set the Time Zone to use with some rules, as: * Selling Pricing Rules: the Booking Date field (dates from & to), the Booking Hour field and the Booking Day field. * Specific Stop Sales: the Booking Date field (dates from & to).

Rest of date fields and rules related to dates are managed as UTC. By default this rule is set to UTC Time Zone.

This rule can only be set by organization on general settings (the same behaviour for all agencies).

Aggregation Key

Distribution Aggregation Key

With this rule it can be set to activate aggregation of sellings on the Hotel-X module with a specific key or it can be set not to use any kind of aggregation. Aggregation key has an specific format: it has to be a concatenation of different selectors (the order is important) using ‘,’ as separator (with no blank spaces neither other kind of special characters).

Selectors are the following ones: * hotel * supplier * board * refundable * binding * room * rateRules * payment

Example: hotel,board,room

By default it will be used the aggregation defined on internal system configuration.

This rule can be set by agency or by organization on general settings: when defined on general settings it will only be applied on those agencies that explicitly have been set to inherit from general settings.