Distribution-X Overview

Extranet Overview

Distribution-X extranet allows you to manage business configurations of your organization and their correspondent agencies. You will have access to different tools, components and panels to create, modify or edit business rules, add filters to your product and more.

You have also the option to generate reports, search for suppliers and hotels and check the rules historic.

On this extranet you can configurate as many users as you want from your organization with different permissions (viewer or editor).


Once you are logged in, you will be redirected to the home page or Landpage, where you will be able to see the logo of your organization and changelog of Distribution-X.

In order to be able to see and access the different sections of the web you can display the left sidebar:

Distribution web menu

A brief summary of these sections:

  • Landpage: Home page.
  • General Settings: To manage the rules that apply to the organization.
  • Tools: Additional tools as masters information, reports or token decrypter.
  • Bookings: To check and list books and its details.
  • Agencies: To manage the rules that apply to a specific agency.