What is the meaning of agency?

We can understand an Agency as a client, a buyer or a distribution channel. An organization has a set of agencies (at least one).

At the agency level, you can define pricing rules, blacklists, filters, etc. and they will be unique to each agency. What the agencies of the same organization do share are the master of entities and the rules of the organization.

One client of the Distribution-X customer have at least one corresponding agency, but can have more (it depends on the needs, and for example can have 2 to distinguish between B2B and B2C rates).

How to check and create an agency

To access the agencies you have three options:

  1. Access the agencies from the left side panel.
  2. Select the button for all agencies from the top bar.
  3. Search for the agency in the agency search box.

Distribution agencies

If you use one of the first 2 options you will see the list of all your configurated agencies.

Create a new agency

From this page you will be able to create a new agency. Press the Create New Agency button and a modal will open. You will have to specify 2 fields:

  • ID Agency: (Unique ID).
  • Agency name.

Distribution agency list

Once this agency is created, it will be created by default as deactivated. To see the deactivated agencies in the table, you must select the Show unactive button and activate it when you consider.

Check agency rules and configuration

To see the agency in more detail, and to be able to edit its business rules, you must press the rules button in the column that will take you to the specific configuration of the Agency. You have different rules configuration by agency:

  1. Config: Configuration settings.
  2. Selling: Selling Pricing rules.
  3. General: General stop sales.
  4. Specific: Specific stop sales.