Distribution allows you, as a Seller, to manage pricing rules, filters and blacklists for each of your Buyers connected via TravelgateX. These rules can be applied at a channel, hotel or booking level, as well as applied to specific date ranges or markets, giving you the power to configure your company’s distribution strategy in a simple, user-friendly interface. Distribution rules will help your company maximise benefits while growing the overall sales by managing pricing and filters for each of your customers. Effortlessly, regardless if you have 1 or 1.000 customers.

  • Define a general commission/markup or a specific one by hotel, meal plan, market, nationality, booking date, realease and more market conditions.
  • Work with currencies: block certain currencies by country or allow currency exchange.
  • Define different filters by hotel portfolio, payment type, rate rules (Non refundable, refundable rates), rate plan codes or binding prices.
  • Define general stop sales by hotel, hotel chains, markets, countries, cities and destinations.
  • Define specific stop sales by meal plan, market, nationality, booking date, release, non refundable / refudable rates and more market conditions.

All rules can be loaded and updated manually through the Distribution extranet or using different csv files that you will be able to store in our FTP (our system will load automatically the rules you defined with a predeterminated frequency). For detail information of each rule, you can visit Rules Management.


Distribution works with content information about your hotels, rooms, meal plans, providers and destination. All this master information can be loaded into the Distribution extranet or, alternatevely, using different files that you will need to load in our FTP so we can process all these information.

Check how to load this information in Masters load.

Check your bookings

Distribution provides two alternatives to check the booking information, you can either use the extranet or get the results with the Reservation API.