Inventory Overview

Inventory allows Channel Managers and Hotel Product Distributors to push their product into a TravelgateX database, thus making it available for the TravelgateX Buyers.

How does it work?

Channel Managers and Hotels will push data to Inventory.

  • Inventory receives the data from the different channels and stores it in a common structure.

  • Then, this product can be consumed in 3 different ways by TravelgateX Buyers:

    • Via Pull with our Hotel-X solution.
    • Via Push with our Channel-X solution.
    • Via a Flat File solution.

I want to buy from Channel Managers

If you are a Buyer and you want to connect with different Channel Managers you will need the following:

  1. Be a Buyer in TravelgateX platform
  2. Request the activation in our connectform.
  3. Once the connection is made and delivered to you, use our Inventory extranet to create the SetUp of the hotels, rates and rooms contracted with the hoteliers so the Channel Manager can map all this information and load availability and prices for you. We always recommend to start with a real pilot hotel before going live.

I want to sell my inventory

If you are a Channel Manager or a supplier who wants to be integrated in a push connection, you have two options tojoin our marketplace:

  • Push API: Integrate with Inventory API and load your availability and prices for your different buyers trough a unique integration.

  • Extranet: If you don’t have an API and want to load your product manually, you can use our Inventory extranet.