Channel Manager Typical Scenario

Typical use case of message exchange flow between Channel Manager and Inventory can be resumed as:

Synchronize Hotelier product:

  1. Channel Managers retrieve static inventory (Hotel/Rate Plans/Rooms) from Inventory using HotelRatePlanInventoryRetrieve in order to map hotelier inventory into their system.

  2. Channel Managers Push/Notif Rate Plan information to Inventory using HotelRatePlanNotif in order to synchronize hotelier rates.

  3. Channel Managers Push/Notif Availability information to Inventory using HotelAvailNotif in order to synchronize hotelier availability/allotment.

Synchronize Bookings (Confirmations / Cancellations):

  1. Inventory can Push/Notify reservations and cancellations to Channel Managers using HotelResNotif and CancelNotif.

  2. Channel Managers can retrieve reservations using HotelResRetrieve.

  3. Use both systems as described above.

Optionally, check if synchronization is correct:

  1. Channel Managers are able to retrieve dynamic rates using HotelRatePlanRetrieve.

  2. Channel Managers are able to retrieve availability using HotelAvailRetrieve.