Error Codes Set-up and Product load

List of the possible errors you could receive setting up and loading the product (in HotelRatePlanInventoryNotif, HotelRatePlanInventoryRetrieve, HotelAvailNotif, HotelAvailNotif, HotelRatePlanNotif or HotelRatePlanRetrieve.)

Error Code Error Description
-1 Unexpected error
1 Invalid request
10 Invalid hotel id
11 Invalid dates
12 Invalid rate plan code
13 Invalid reservation id
14 Invalid derived rate adjust values
15 Invalid id
16 Invalid amount type
17 Invalid supplement type
18 Invalid number of hotel
19 Invalid rate currency code
20 Requestor id not found
21 Provider id not found
22 Rooms not found
23 Rates not found
30 Occupation error
31 Rate error
32 Avail rq error
33 Data Base error
34 Cancel error
35 Confirmation error
36 Valuation_error
37 Authorization error
38 Authentication error
90 Connection time out