Method Goals

This method aims to return a list of the available Markets, which will be used in the availability request.

Request Format

The request does not require any elements - empty request.

Response Format

The result returns a list of Market.


The maximum time permitted in our system before the connection is closed is 240000 milliseconds. Most suppliers use a standard ISO-3166_1_alfa_2, but it depends on each individual supplier.

MarketListRQ Example

In the request of this call it is only necessary to use the object: “HotelBaseRQ”. You can find the info in the ‘Common Elements’ section.


Important information about Number (Cardinal):

Go to Common-Elements for more information.

MarketListRQ Description

Element Number Type Description
MarketListRQ 1 Root node.

MarketListRS Example


MarketListRS Description

Element Number Type Description
MarketListRS /UpgradeUTCDate 1 DateTime Indicates the update date of the information in UTC format.
MarketListRS /Markets / 1 Root node, list of markets.
Markets /Market 1..n Market.
Markets /Market/Code 1 String Code.
Markets /Market/Name 1 String Name.
Markets /Market/GroupCode 0..1 String Indicates if the supplier groups different markets together and what the group is called.


Use this option to see if the supplier groups different markets in a single group, so you can get the same prices/options if two markets belong to the same group.