Method Goals

This method aims to cancel a booking

Request Format

The request requires one or more of the following data, depending on the supplier:

  • Locators: booking codes - this element contains two elements, Client (client’s booking code) and Provider (supplier’s booking code). One or both will be required depending on the supplier
  • hotelCode: the hotel code
  • StartDate: the check-in date
  • EndDate: the check-out date

Response Format

The result returns a response with the booking status, the cancellation’s ID and the fee for that cancellation.


The maximum time permitted in our system before the connection is closed is 180000 milliseconds.

CancelRQ Example

In the request for this call it is necessary to use the object: “HotelBaseRQ”. You can find the information in the section ‘Common elements’.

    <CancelRQ  hotelCode="H1548">
        <Holder title = "Miss" name = "Test11" surname = "TestAp11"/>

Important information about Number (Cardinal):

Go to Common-Elements for more information.

CancelRQ Description

Element Number Type Description
CancelRQ 1 Root node.
@hotelCode 1 String Hotel code.
Locators / 1 Locator Information (it’s mandatory to indicate either the client or supplier’s).
Locators /Client 0..1 String Client locator.
Locators /Provider 0..1 String Supplier locator.
StartDate 1 String Start date of booking. Format dd/MM/yyyy
EndDate 1 String End date of booking. Format dd/MM/yyyy
Holder 0..1 Holder of the booking.
@title 1 Holder’s title.
@name 1 Holder’s name.
@surname 1 Holder’s surname.

CancelRS Example

         <Price  currency="EUR" amount="120.5" binding="false" commission="-1"/>

CancelRS Description

Element Number Type Description
CancelRS 1 Root node.
ProviderLocator 1 String Supplier locator.
CancelId 0..1 String Cancellation id.
Price 0..1 Fee for the cancellation. (see MetaData in order to verify if supplier informs of it).
@currency 1 String Currency code.
@amount 1 Decimal Amount.
@binding 1 Boolean Identifies if the price is binding (When it true the sale price returned must not be less than the price informed.
@commission 1 Decimal Commission (-1 = not specified - specified in the supplier contract, 0 = net price, X = % of the commission that applies to the amount).
TransactionStatus / 1 Transaction Status.
TransactionStatus /ComunicationStatus 1 String Status communication (OFFLINE, OK and KO).
TransactionStatus /RSStatus 1 String Status response: DESCONOCIDO - Unknown; EXISTE - Exists; EXISTECANCELADA - Cancelled; NO_EXISTE - Does not exist
TransactionStatus /ResStatus 1 String Status of the booking (OK = confirmed, RQ = on request, CN = cancelled, UN = unknown).