Method Goals

This method returns a list of hotels with basic information (code, name, address, phone, etc.) for each hotel

Request Format

The request does not require any elements. Empty request.

Response Format

The result returns a list of Hotel (hotels).


The maximum time permitted in our system before the connection is closed is 240000 milliseconds.

This method may be preloaded in XML Travelgate’s system if it takes more than 3 minutes to download.

The ContinuationToken can be used in this request - the specification can be found in the Common-Elements section_.

HotelListRQ Example

In the request of this call it is only necessary to use the object: “HotelBaseRQ”. You can find the info in the ‘Common Elements’ section.


HotelListRQ Description

Element Number Type Description
HotelListRQ 1 Root node.

HotelListRS Example

                <GiataId source = "http://urlGiata">1200</GiataId>
                <Address>CTRA.NACIONAL V, KM 393</Address>
                <AvailDestination code = "06" name = "BADAJOZ"/>
                <GeographicDestination code = "06" name = "BADAJOZ" avail = "true"/>
                <CategoryCode>4 Estrellas</CategoryCode>
                <PaymentOptions cash="false" bankAcct="false">
                        <Card code="VI"/>
                        <Card code="AX"/>
                        <Card code="CA"/>  
                <GiataId source = "http://urlGiata">1200</GiataId>
                <Address>AVDA. ILLA S/N</Address>
                <AvailDestination code = "2" name = "HUELVA"/>
                <GeographicDestination code = "2" name = "HUELVA" avail = "true"/>
                <CategoryCode>4 Estrellas</CategoryCode>   

HotelListRS Description

Element Number Type Description
HotelListRS/UpgradeUTCDate 1 DateTime Indicates the update date of the information in UTC format.
HotelListRS/Hotels/Hotel 0..n Root node. Hotel sheet.
Code 1 String Internal code to perform availability and/or supplier code.
ProviderCode 0..1 String Internal code established by the supplier (see MetaData).
GiataId 0..1 Giata System ID.
@source 0..1 String Giata url
@value 0..1 String Giata code (more on detailed description)
Name 1 String Name.
Address 1 String Address.
Airports 0..1 List of airports.
Airports/Airport 1..n Specific airport near the hotel.
Airports/Airport/IATACode 1 String IATA airport Code.
Town 1 String Town.
ZipCode 0..1 String ZipCode.
CountryISOCode 1 String CountryISOCode.
AvailDestination 0..1 Avail Destination.
@code 1 String Destination code.
@name 1 String Destination name.
GeographicDestination 1 Geographic Destination.
@code 1 String Destination code.
@name 1 String Destination name.
@avail 1 Boolean Indicates if it is allowed in availability.
Latitude 0..1 String Latitude.
Longitude 0..1 String Longitude.
Contact 0..1 Contact.
Contact/Email 0..1 String Email.
Contact/Telephone 0..1 String Telephone.
Contact/Fax 0..1 String Fax.
CategoryCode 1 String CategoryCode.
Type 0..1 String Hotel type: please see detailed description
PaymentOptions 0..1 String Type of cards allowed by the supplier. This tag is only mandatory if payment type is different than MerchantPay.
PaymentOptions/Cards/Cards 1 List of cards allowed.
PaymentOptions/Cards/Card 1..n Type of card allowed.
@code 1 String Code card (see Lists of Data (VI,AX,BV,CA…)).
ExclusiveDeal 0..1 Boolean Indicates that the Hotel has an Exclusive Deal.
PropertyCategory 0..1 Hotels property type. Similar to , but on supplier’s side.
PropertyCategory/Code 1 String Supplier’s property code.
PropertyCategory/Name 1 String Supplier’s property name.

Detailed Description

Giata Code:

A Giata code is a hotel code that provides information of said hotel. This code is common for all the suppliers.

For example:

For the supplier TravellingTest:


For the supplier TestOnTour:


Please note that for the same hotel, the internal code of each supplier is different, but the Giata code stays the same. Giata system is an external company that does a generic mapping of all of the hotels information.

AvailDestination & GeographicDestination:

Please note that the code for these parameters needs to be the lowest destination level and these values are available in AvailDestinationTree & GeographicDestinationTree, respectively.

Hotel types:

H (Hotel)

A (Apartment)

AH (Apartment Hotel)

C (Club)

AT (Agrotourism)

HS (Hostel)

CA (House)

V (Ville)

B (Bungalows)

D (Disco Club)

Supplier Code:

The hotel code can be returned combined with other codes, like the city code. In this case, you as a Supplier will need to generate this code, combining the city code and the hotel code, and not returning only your supplier’s Hotel native code. This can also happen with other code types instead of city code (i.e. country code).