Method Goals

This method returns a list of categories (codes and descriptions) used in HotelList and DescriptiveInfo.

Request Format

The request does not require any elements empty request.

Response Format

The result returns a list of Category .


The maximum time permitted in our system before the connection is closed is 240000 milliseconds.

CategoryListRQ Example

In the request of this call it is only necessary to use the object: “HotelBaseRQ”. You can find the info in the ‘Common Elements’ section.


CategoryListRQ Description

Element Number Type Description
CategoryListRQ 1 Root node.

CategoryListRS Example

                <Name>3 stars</Name>
                <Name>3 keys</Name>

CategoryListRS Description

Element Number Type Description
CategoryListRS/UpgradeUTCDate 1 DateTime Indicates the update date of the information in UTC format.
CategoryListRS/Categories 1 Root node, list of categories.
Category 1..n Category.
Category/Code 1 String Code.
Category/Name 1 String Name.