Booking flow

Booking flow

A basic booking flow for buyers using TravelgateX system consists of 3 steps:

  • Availability: It allows to check which rooms are available for the requested hotels or for the hotels in the requested destination for a given range of dates and for a given pax distribution.
  • Valuation (or quote): It’s an operation used to assess and valuate the selected option rate before the actual booking. It returns the up-to-date price and cancellation policies for the option selected from the availability response.
  • Reservation (or booking): The Book operation requests a reservation confirmation for option valuated.

To be able to do a booking through TravelgateX connectivities the 3 steps are mandatory.

TravelgateX API also allows other requests such as Cancel, ReservationRead and ReservationList, but this methods are not mandatory for a connectivity.

You can find a brief definition of the methods to implement, and if they are mandatory for the connectivity or not, in our Data Structure page.