Data Structure

The structure of the API specification follows a standard. This document intends to explain every aspect of this structure and their fields.

The integration will have the following methods:

Booking Flow Method Input Output Required Description
Avail AvailRQ AvailRS Yes Makes an availability request to check which rooms are available for the requested hotels or for the hotels in the requested destination for a given range of dates and for a given pax distribution.
Valuation ValuationRQ ValuationRS Yes Makes a quote of an option selected from availability response: updates price and shows cancellation policies.
Reservation ReservationRQ ReservationRS Yes Makes a booking.
Cancel CancelRQ CancelRS No Cancels a booking.
ReservationRead ReservationReadRQ ReservationReadRS No Retrieves booking details.
ReservationList ReservationListRQ ReservationListRS No Retrieves a list of bookings.

Static Content Method Input Output Required Description
Configuration ConfigurationRQ ConfigurationRS Yes Retrieves the supplier’s configuration in order to build the activation form in our platform
Geographic DestinationTree Geographic DestinationTreeRQ Geographic DestinationTreeRS Yes Returns a tree of supplier’s destinations.
HotelList HotelListRQ HotelListRS Yes Returns a list of available hotels.
Descriptive Info Descriptive InfoRQ Descriptive InfoRS No Retrieves information for current hotel such as photos, descriptions, amenities,etc as well as basic info (code,name, town, address, contact).
RoomList RoomListRQ RoomListRS No Returns available room types.
MealPlanList MealPlanListRQ MealPlanListRS No Returns a list of available boards.
CategoryList CategoryListRQ CategoryListRS No Returns a list of available categories.
CurrencyList CurrencyListRQ CurrencyListRS No Returns a list of available currencies.
MarketList MarketListRQ MarketListRS No Returns a list of available markets.
MetaData MetaDataRQ MetaDataRS Yes Retrieves the supplier’s static configuration.

The data structure will always have common elements in all objects as well as specific objects related to the operation

You can find full specification of each method at the Hotel API Methods page.