Method Goals

This method returns a list of categories (codes and descriptions) used in HotelList and DescriptiveInfo.

Request Format

The request does not require any elements empty request.

Response Format

The result returns a list of Category .


The maximum time permitted in our system before the connection is closed is 240000 milliseconds.

CategoryListRQ Example


CategoryListRQ Description

Element Number Type Description
CategoryListRQ 1 Root node.

CategoryListRS Example

                <Name>3 stars</Name>
                <Name>3 keys</Name>

CategoryListRS Description

Element Number Type Description
CategoryListRS /UpgradeUTCDate 1 DateTime Indicates the update date of the information in UTC format.
CategoryListRS /Categories 1 Root node, list of categories.
Category / 1..n Category.
Category /Code 1 String Code.
Category /Name 1 String Name.