Method Goals

This method aims to retrieve detailed information about a specific Reservation

Request Format

The request requires one of the following data depending on supplier:

  • Locators: booking codes (this element contains two elements Client (client’s booking code) and Provider (supplier’s booking code), one or both will be required depending on the supplier)
  • Currency: the currency code
  • CreationDate: the booking date
  • StardDate: the check-in date
  • EndDate: the check-out date
  • HotelCode: Hotel code

Response Format

The result returns the full details of a booking.


180000 millisecond is the maximum amount of time permitted in our system before the connection is closed.

ReservationReadRQ Example

    <Holder title = "Miss" name = "Test11" surname = "TestAp11"/>

ReservationReadRQ Description

Element Number Type Description
ReservationReadRQ 1 Root node.
Locators / 1 Information about the locators (it is mandatory to indicate either client or supplier’s locator).
Locators /Client 0..1 String Client locator.
Locators /Provider 0..1 String Supplier locator.
Currency 1 String Currency code.
StartDate 0..1 String Start date of booking.
EndDate 0..1 String End date of booking.
CreationDate 0..1 String Creation date of booking.
HotelCode 1 String Hotel code.
Holder 0..1 Holder of the booking.
@title 1 String Holder’s title. Possible values: Mr, Mrs, Miss, Ms.
@name 1 Holder’s name.
@surname 1 Holder’s surname.

ReservationReadRS Example

        <Holder name = "Test11" surname = "TestAp11"/>
        <Price currency = "EUR" amount = "36.20" binding = "false" commission = "-1"/>
            <Room id = "4582" roomCandidateRefId = "1" description = "Standard.."/>
        <CancelPenalties nonRefundable = "false">
                <Penalty type = "Importe" paymentType = "MerchantPay" currency = "EUR">72.40</Penalty>

ReservationReadRS Description

Element Number Type Description
ReservationReadRS 1 Root node.
Locators / 1 Information about the locators.
Locators /Client 0..1 String Client locator.
Locators /Provider 0..1 String Supplier locator.
Locators /Property 0..1 String Property locator(see Metadata method in order to verify if a supplier implements it).
Hotel / 0..1 Hotel reservation.
Hotel /Code 0..1 String Hotel Code.
Hotel /Name 0..1 String Hotel Name.
Hotel /City 0..1 String Hotel city.
Hotel /CreationDate 0..1 String Date of booking.
Hotel /StartDate 0..1 String Check-in date.
Hotel /EndDate 0..1 String Check out date.
Hotel /MealPlanCode 0..1 String Booking Mealplan code.
Hotel /Holder 0..1 String Reservation Holder .
@name 1 String Holder name.
@surname 1 String Holder surname.
Hotel /Price 1 String Price of the reservation.
@currency 1 String Displays the currency provided by the supplier
@amount 1 Decimal Total amount for the booking.
@binding 1 Boolean Identifies if is the price is binding (When true the sale price returned must not be less than the price informed).
@commission 1 Decimal Commission (-1 = not specified), 0 = net price, X = % of the commission applied to the amount .
Hotel /Rooms / 0..1 List of rooms reserved
Hotel /Rooms /Room 1..n Details of room reserved.
@id 0..1 String Identifier of the room.
@roomCandidateRefId 0..1 Integer Identifier of room candidate.
@code 0..1 String Room code.
@description 0..1 String Room description.
Hotel /RoomCandidates / 0..1 Rooms requested at the time of booking.
Hotel /RoomCandidates /RoomCandidate 1..n Room required.
@id 0..1 Integer Id of the requested room (starting at 1).
RoomCandidates /RoomCandidate/Paxes /Pax 1..n Pax required.
@age 0..1 Integer Passenger age on the day of check-in.
@id 0..1 Integer Id of the requested room (starting at 1).
Hotel /CancelPenaltiesCancelPenalties 0..1 Information of cancellation policies.
@nonRefundable 1 Boolean Indicate if this option is nonRefundable (true or false).
Hotel /CancelPenalties /CancelPenalty 0..n Listing of cancellation penalties.
Hotel /CancelPenalties /CancelPenalty/HoursBefore 1 String Number of hours prior to arrival day in which this Cancellation policy applies.
Hotel /CancelPenalties /CancelPenalty/Deadline 1 String Date on UTC Standard TimeZone in which this Cancellation policy applies (ISO 8601 e.g: 2016-07-01T05:00:00Z)
Hotel /CancelPenalties /CancelPenalty/CalculatedDeadline 1 Boolean Indicate if the Deadline is returned by the supplier or it’s been calculated by TravelGate -> true = has been calculated by XTG / false = bypass of supplier data without calculation
Hotel /CancelPenalties /CancelPenalty/Penalty 1 Contains the value to be applied in net price.
@type 1 String Type of penalty Possible values: “Noches” (nights) , “Porcentaje” (percentage) ,“Importe” (price value).
@paymentType 1 String Indicates payment type.
@currency 1 String Currency code.
Hotel /Remarks 0..1 String Remarks.
TransactionStatus / 1 Trans. Status.
TransactionStatus /ComunicationStatus 1 String Status communication (OFFLINE, OK and KO).
TransactionStatus /RSStatus 1 String Response status - DESCONOCIDO (Unknown), EXISTE (Exists), EXISTECANCELADA (exists but it’s cancelled), NO_EXISTE (Does not exist).
TransactionStatus /ResStatus 1 String Status booking (OK = confirmed, RQ = on request, CN = cancelled, UN = unknown).