Common Elements

This node will be in every request and response objects.

The request object contains the supplier’s configuration, urls and credentials.

The response object contains the status of the request and any possible errors as well as possible messages from the supplier (if previously requested).

Common Elements RQ Example

        <ContinuationToken expectedRange = "6000"></ContinuationToken>
                <Parameter key = "SegundoPW" value = "PWXML"/>

Common Elements RQ Description

Element Number Type Description
HotelBaseRQ 1 Root node.
echoToken 0..1 String Echo token to be returned in response (used for test purposes only).
timeoutMilliseconds 1 Integer Maximum time for a response from the supplier’s system.
source 1 Information about source requesting the operation.
source/agencyCode 0..1 String Agency code requesting the operation (deprecated).
source/languageCode 1 String Language code (ISO 3166-1 alpha-2) format lowercase.
filterAuditData 1 Activates transaction data sent & received in the supplier’s native format.
filterAuditData/registerTransactions 1 Boolean Returns all the transactions (XMLs) exchanged with the supplier.
optionsQuota 0..1 Integer Sets the max number of options by MealPlan.
ContinuationToken 0..1 String Internal Token to identify the next set of HotelList or RoomList.
@expectedRange 0..1 Integer Number of hotels expected in HotelList call.
Configuration 1 The info required to access the supplier’s system.
Configuration/User 0..1 String User code to connect to supplier.
Configuration/Password 0..1 String Password for the connection.
Configuration/UrlGeneric 0..1 String Supplier URL used for multiple methods.
Configuration/UrlAvail 0..1 String Specific Url for Availability method.
Configuration/UrlValuation 0..1 String Specific Url for Valuation method.
Configuration/UrlReservation 0..1 String Specific Url for Reservation method.
Configuration/Parameters 0..1 Parameters for additional information.
Configuration/Parameters/Parameter 0..n List of parameters.
@key 1 String Contains the keyword/Id to identify a parameter.
@value 1 String Contains the parameter values

Detailed description


This new tag will be used only for those suppliers returning a very large number of options, about 20.000+ in the same response. In order to avoid this, the client can set the numbers of options wanted by MealPlan, as long as the supplier returns it in this call (see MetaData AllowsBusinessRules). If the supplier has ImplementsBusinessRules = True, the client can then choose between differentbusiness rules to filter the options they are interested in (see in Avail). We also have established a system level limit, so that if the OptionsQuota set by the client is higher than the established limit we then use the smallest of those two values.

Common Elements RS Example

        <ContinuationToken expectedRange = "4000">&lt;?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-16"?&gt;&lt;ContinuationToken&gt;&lt;ContinuationToken&gt;&lt;Version&gt;2.0&lt;/Version&gt;&lt;Type&gt;Table&lt;/Type&gt;&lt;NextPartitionKey&gt;1!24!bG93Y29zdGhvbGlkYXlfWk1U&lt;/NextPartitionKey&gt;&lt;NextRowKey&gt;1!40!bG93Y29zdGhvbGlkYXlfWk1UXzBoNFIlMjNvcXBr&lt;/NextRowKey&gt;&lt;TargetLocation&gt;Primary&lt;/TargetLocation&gt;&lt;/ContinuationToken&gt;&lt;/ContinuationToken&gt;</ContinuationToken>

Common Elements RS Description

Element Number Type Description
HotelBaseRS 1 Root node.
echoToken 0..1 String Echo token to be returned in response (used for test purposes only).
OperationImplemented 1 Boolean Informs whether the method has been implemented by the supplier.
ContinuationToken 0..1 String Internal Token to identify the next set of HotelList or the next set of RoomList.
@expectedRange 0..1 Integer Number of hotels/rooms expected in HotelList/RoomList call.
applicationErrors 0..n Application errors reported by supplier.
applicationErrors/type 1 String Error Type as specified by XML Travelgate.
applicationErrors/code 1 String Native error code reported by supplier.
applicationErrors/description 1 String Error description.
auditData 1 Data sent & received in the supplier’s native format.
auditData/transactions 0..n List of transactions data.
auditData/transactions/timeStamp 1 Integer TimeStamp of each transaction.
auditData/transactions/RQ 1 String Transaction Request.
auditData/transactions/RS 1 String Transaction Response.
auditData/timeStamp 1 Integer Time when the request has been processed.
auditData/processTimeMilliseconds 1 Integer Process time in milliseconds

Detailed description


This new tag is useful to split the hotel list or room list response. This is done because there are suppliers with a large amount of hotels (over 200.000) or rooms (over 200.000). In those cases, the response has to be split in order to retrieve all the hotels/rooms available. In case that ContinuationToken is not sent, the HotelList and RoomList return a maximum of 200.000 hotels/rooms. Using this ContinuationToken and the attribute expectedRange the client may decide the number of hotels/rooms expected in each HotelList/RoomList call. If the supplier has more than 200.000 hotels/rooms, in order to get 100% of the hotels/rooms available, the client will need to use the ContinuationToken returned inside the HotelListRS/RoomListRS response until the ContinuationToken field is no longer returned in the response (see the example in Common Elements RS). Once the tag is not returned the hotel list or the room list are complete. The value of this tag is an internal Token identifying the next set of HotelList/RoomList to be returned.

expectedRange :

Specifies the hotel list range set by the client in each HotelList response. The number of hotels returned is set in the expectedRange value, although it is possible to get more hotels than requested. This means that if the client requests 1000 hotels, the response may contain a range between 1000 to 1999 hotels. In the case this value is not set, the maximum hotel range is 200.000. We strongly recommend using multiples of one thousand.