Safety Margin

Safety Margin is an optional plugin that allows discarding options that have a commission lower than expected. The expected commission has to be loaded in safety-margin file, and is the commission over gross, in other words, the commission/profit is already included in the price.

Safety Margin


The safety margin plugin discards those options that have a commission lower than expected. By doing this, only options that have a commission over gross, equal or lower than those reported in the file will be returned.

Sequentially, the rules will be evaluated until a match is found, upon finding it, the process will be stopped and the commission will be evaluated. In the same way, if the rule is not found, the option will be validated.

The matching process uses client Tokens filed, which identify the provided by the client and it is used to filter which business rules can be applied in the request sent.

Files needed in order to use this plugin

Execution example


    “plugins”: {

        “step”: “RESPONSE_OPTION”,

        “pluginsType”: [


                “type”: “POST_STEP”

                “name”: “safety_margin”




} ```